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Alita accomplished what she set out to do: save Yackros, free the dragon king, stop the pearl from being tainted.


But no action is without consequence.


With the pearl destroyed, Fyazum can't lead. War looms for the dragons, and while the king and Rohesia leave in search of answers, Alita must deal with problems at home—starting with explaining dragons to her parents, avoiding bullying at school, and moving on after Max. Yackros may be free, but Alita isn’t.


Although Séraphin was thwarted once, he is quickly regrouping, and his intention is clear. He will rule all dragons, no matter the cost. Alita must stop him, but the only ally she can find is one who threatens to capture her wounded heart, something Alita doesn't know if she's ready for.


Plagued by strange visions and still learning to control her bond with Yackros, Alita will have to find her inner fire, along with answers only the lost pearl can give, or risk losing everything as Séraphin takes the kingdom.

Become a Silverbow Dragon

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